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2021 Outdoor Soup Event October 29th

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Product Reviews

Larry Rood's Gravatar
Larry Rood
(Oct 13, 2021 at 1:03 PM)
I'm actually not reviewing anything, it seems that I have to fill out this page to proceed with signing up for the member event.

Charles Brown's Gravatar
Charles Brown
(Oct 13, 2021 at 1:25 PM)
Very good

Jim/Debbie Young's Gravatar
Jim/Debbie Young
(Oct 13, 2021 at 2:27 PM)
Love it.

Janice & Don Dixon's Gravatar
Janice & Don Dixon
(Oct 13, 2021 at 2:28 PM)
Save us a case of NORTON!

virginia carey's Gravatar
virginia carey
(Oct 13, 2021 at 4:21 PM)
Very good.

Jessica Amell's Gravatar
Jessica Amell
(Oct 13, 2021 at 6:08 PM)
Can't wait!!

Cherie's Gravatar
(Oct 14, 2021 at 7:15 AM)
Looking forward to Souper event again!!

Alice carter's Gravatar
Alice carter
(Oct 14, 2021 at 6:54 PM)
Very good

Rhonda McDaniel's Gravatar
Rhonda McDaniel
(Oct 14, 2021 at 11:18 PM)
Love this event

Roger Thomas's Gravatar
Roger Thomas
(Oct 15, 2021 at 5:33 AM)
Looking forward to the event!

Bob and Claudia Dornin's Gravatar
Bob and Claudia Dornin
(Oct 16, 2021 at 4:01 PM)
Love this event!!!!

Susie Hitt's Gravatar
Susie Hitt
(Oct 19, 2021 at 12:28 PM)
Yay! Can't Wait! Order up some great weather!!

Myla Beasley's Gravatar
Myla Beasley
(Oct 19, 2021 at 6:18 PM)

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