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At Rappahannock Cellars, we welcome you to our main tasting room through our front entrance. There, you will be greeted by one of our fabulous wine attendants and walked through your options for a tasting of our wines. We offer a fabulous cheese platter and toasted baguettes and nearly every weekend you will find a food truck on site. We also welcome you to bring your own picnic for after the tasting!


First Floor Club Room, Rappahannock Cellars

First Floor - Open to all club Members and their guests

Second Floor Club Room, Rappahannock CellarsThe Second Floor Club Room welcomes Club Member Adult Groups (21+) of up to 4 People.

Back Club Room, Rappahannock Cellars

Our Large Back Club Room is also open and welcomes all of our club members and their guests.

Rooftop Patio, Rappahannock CellarsOur Rooftop Patio is open to the public, club members and their guests. (21+ only)