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Wine Clubs

Wine Club Discounts

Experience what we're making "behind the scenes" in our small-production, limited releases of over a dozen exclusive "club only" wines. This membership level offers two monthly selections of either reserve, pre-release, library, or "club-only" wines, automatically billed at $60+tax. Selections vary by season.

For only $3 extra per month, we'll select ONLY red wines for you. Sometimes we'll "double you up" on the special red for that month - other times, you'll get exclusive access to otherwise unavailable bottles of red wines.

For only $3 extra per month, we'll select ONLY sparkling wine for you. 

For $2 less than the "standard" membership, we'll select ONLY white wines for you. Sometimes we'll "double you up" on the special white for that month - other times, you'll get exclusive access to otherwise unavailable bottles of white wines.

So…what is the “Wine Club”?

Two bottles of specially selected wines at one heck of a price - a flat $60 (+tax) - specially allotted to you every 4 weeks (13 shipments/year). Want extra wine? Boom. Place an order for any assortment of twelve (12) or more bottles, and the wine is half off. That's right: 50% discount on orders of 12+ bottles (mix and match allowed).

Simply sign up to receive two, specially discounted “wine-club-only” (pre-release, limited production, or library) bottles of wine, billed to your credit card at a flat rate, every 28 days (four weeks):

For a mix of white and red wines: $60+tax
For white wines only: $58+tax
For sparkling wines only: $63+tax
For red wines only: $63+tax

...There's an additional charge of $13.75 for shipping if you prefer to have the wines shipped

Alright, what's the catch?

No catch, no commitment*. Here's the deal: this club rocks. No other club is like this club. We deliver to you the best wine we can make, at prices you can afford, and offer you the space in our winery (and the complimentary glasses or tastings to go along with it) where you can bring your family and friends to enjoy spending special time together. Relax. It's the perfect activity.

So, what's the asterisk hiding in that "no commitment" part? Well, the technical details of our policy can be found in the "Fine Print" at the bottom of this page, but this isn't a "gotchya" club! So here's the "nuts and bolts" of it:

We encourage you to enjoy the club for a year…afterall, half the fun is exploring all the different wines. And we’re pretty much sure you’ll want to stay longer once you taste all the great stuff… but if you need out, you're not "locked in"! Just give us 30 days written notice (email is fine), and you’re out - you'll only be billed for the whichever shipment is pending within the 30 day period following your written request, and then your membership is deactived - no fuss, no trouble, no gripes, no strings attached: we're that confident that you'll love the club! Here are a few highlights:

  • Have your wines mailed, or have them held for pickup - and we'll hold your wines for pickup FOR UP TO A YEAR. No fees, no fuss - and yes, you read that right: we'll hold your wine for you for more than a year! Just come get them when you can. Older vintages may be replaced and substituted with whatever we have that is most comparable after three months. Find THAT at another winery!
  • You're never "stuck" with what we select - you choose, you enjoy. Each shipment cycle, we'll select two special wines (pre-release, reserve, library, etc.) for you. When you come to pick them up (or before we ship them to you***), if you decide you want other wines, no problem - we'll swap them out. Just reply to the shipment email, or let us know when you come to pick up the wines, and we'll handle it from there (wines may be swapped out for other wines of equal or lesser value; no refunds provided; for more expensive wine selections, we will charge the difference in price for the "upgrade")
  • Shipping is flexible: are you planning to visit the winery? Email us ahead of time, and we'll hold the upcoming shipment instead of mailing it. Prefer to have the wines shipped every 3 shipments instead of the week of each shipment? No problem - save on shipping, and we'll bundle them together. Have your wines being held, but need them for a party? We'll box up whatever is waiting for you and ship it out (small shipping fee according to amount of bottles you have waiting).
  • Bringing friends? Complimentary tastings...or glasses...included!** It's your time to shine: each membership includes a complimentary wine tasting or complimentary glass of wine for your membership (2) and up to four (4) guests...that means any party of 6 is complimentary when you come to visit.** Plan on bringing more? No problem - additional guests may join you for a small fee. Wine club parties of 5 and more are accomodated in designated club group rooms.Wine club benefits can only be used when the member named on the account is present. Non-stackable with other promotions. 

“When I ask what it is that people love about our Wine Club, I’m no longer surprised to hear ‘the events!’ as a first response. That’s great to hear, because we love our events too. And I remind myself, as I’m often reminded, that before our customers fell in love with our wine club and the events, they fell in love with our wine. And that’s what makes me most proud.”
– John Delmare, Owner, Rappahannock Cellars.


50% discounts on case purchases (when any mix of 12 bottles or more are purchased in addition to your special shipment selections)

10% off bottle purchases

Complimentary glasses or tastings for up to 4 guests
Discounted tickets to events at the winery


Priority invitations to events at the winery
Invitations to wine-club-only events
Appreciation events (soup festivals, BBQ etc)


Complimentary “club only” tastings at the winery
Be part of an exclusive community at Rappahannock Cellars – an establishment that is truly Revolutionizing Virginia Wine.

Group policy:

option 1: groups of 7 or more can receive bar service at main bar on first floor of tower. Outside seating available. Reservations recommended. Option 2: Reserved table inside back club room or first floor. $5/person for the reservation. this option includes a reserve club seated tasting or glass of wine per person and a 2 hour time allotment. after 2 hours they can move outside. 
MULTIPLE CLUB MEMBERS IN GROUP POLICY 1 membership in group -no reservation fee up to 6 people.  2 memberships in group - no reservation fee up to 8 people. 3 memberships - no reservation fee up to 10 people.  4 memberships - no reservation fee up to 12 people

TERMS AND CONDITIONS ("The fine print"):

Updated 7/7/2022

*Two bottles of specially selected Rappahannock Wines will be billed every 28 days (four weeks exactly) at a flat rate (varies by membership type) to a credit card of your choice. The week that this charge will occur is always listed on our event calendar. The wines will be delivered to your home / office (+$13.75 shipping/handling to Virginia, varies by state)– or you may opt to save on shipping and pick your shipments up at the winery (we’ll hold the wine for you until it’s convenient for you to visit and pick it up for up to 13 months; shipment-to-shipment retrieval is not necessary.) No refunds will be issued for the charged wine club shipments. There are no other fees associated with the Wine Club membership. Although no commitment is required, we encourage you to remain in the wine club for at least one year to experience everything that the wine club has to offer.

**Membership benefits are non-transferable and member must be present for all account activity.

*** Member benefits are extended to guests for first visit. After first visit, guests should establish their own memberships in order to continue to take advantage of wine club benefits.

****Want to make a change on wines that are going to be shipped to you? No problem, just send us an email and let us know what you'd rather receive instead. Please note that any modifications to your club shipment (for wines that will be sent via FedEx) must be received by 5pm on Wednesday of the "shipment week" (this week is always going to be noted on our Event calendar on our website, as well as mentioned at the bottom of your pre-shipment newsletter).

 Once in the wine club, you must maintain active status by receiving all the consecutive club shipments in order to maintain your place in the wine club. If for any reason you cancel the wine club, put your membership "on hold", or otherwise lapse in activity (cease accepting the consecutive shipments), your space will be offered to the next person in the waitlist. If this happens and you wish to renew or rejoin, you will be added to the waitlist and your membership will be resumed on a first-come, first-served basis of availability. Active military members who placed their memberships on hold due to deployment will receive priority on the waitlist. 

Swap Policy:
Shipment Selections may be swapped out for other wines of equal or lesser value; no refunds provided; for more expensive wine selections, we will charge the difference in bottle price when a more expensive substitute is chosen.

Club Room Policies: Wine club rooms have been reserved only for wine club members! There are 3 designated wine club areas: (1) First club room (2) Tower First Floor (3) Tower Second floor. Friday-Sunday the Tower Second Floor is reserved for adult groups of 4 and less. All large groups (4+) are accommodated in the other club rooms weekends*. A 'library atmosphere' is required in the Tower Second Floor and the First Club Room, and we ask that every member helps us to maintain a peaceful and quiet atmosphere. If a group exceeds the noise limits on a room, they will receive a friendly request by their server to adhere to the atmosphere requirements of the room. If a second reminder is necessary, a group will be offered accomodations in our more festive atmospheres. 

Children are welcomed in our winery! Please be aware that a child does count as a person in your group size. We want to make sure everyone is safe while at the winery and children must be attended and within 25 feet of a guardian. Running and horseplay is prohibited indoors for safety purposes.

**advanced notice for groups (8+) is required**

***Wine service for members Monday-thursday can be found at the front tasting room bar***

****Club members must be present for club room use and wine club benefits****

*****Physical and/or verbal violence will not be tolerated on Rappahannock Cellars property. If an altercation has occured, the offending parties will be asked to leave the premise immediately. Perpetrating an act of physical and/or verbal violence on Rappahannock Cellars premises can result in the termination of your membership*****

Case Purchases
The member's case discount (50% off retail price) is applicable on individual orders placed by the customer when the order reaches 12 plus bottles. It is not applicable to multiple orders that are stacked together.

Visa & Mastercard Automatic Updater Program:
As a trusted merchant, we belong to Visa and Mastercard's Automatic Updater Programs. These worldwide fraud prevention programs help to secure your data, and reduce the amount of times that your senstive cardholder information is exchanged. When your Visa or Mastercard is updated or replaced, it is no longer necessary to also update this information with Rappahannock Cellars: Visa and Mastercard will automatically send your new information directly to the bank, without the need for you to contact us directly to pass to the bank on your behalf. For more infromation about these programs, please visit (MC:; (VISA:

Cancellation: we require written notice 30 days in advance (email Teresa at for wine club cancellations. We will bill for any shipment scheduled to occur within thirty (30) days after the date a cancellation request is received; no further billing will occur thereafter. Once discontinued, please pick up any wines not shipped within 60 days, or the wines will be returned to inventory and no refunds will be issued (unless other arrangements have been made). If we have not heard from you in 6 months and/or your credit card has been declined for 6 months (even if you have not requested a cancellation), then your membership may be automatically put on hold, and your wines returned to inventory - no refunds will be issued for wines returned to inventory for account delinquency.