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Our first (and hopefully ONLY!) "Virtual" version of our annual wine club appreciation "souper" event. This event was broadcast live on November 21st. This is an archived copy (unfortunately, the recording of the video is a little choppy). Chapters (click to skip to section):

0:00 - Intro: John Delmare, President
4:17 - Vineyard: Tom Kelly, Vineyard Manager
9:33 - Vineyard Q&A
15:58 - Cellar: Theo Smith, Winemaker
24:10 - Cellar Q&A
36:31 - Tasting Room: Kelly, Teresa, and "Sheritage"
39:14 - Distillery: Allan Delmare, Distiller
45:33 - Distillery Q&A
53:54 - Review, Q&A: John Delmare, President
1:03:32 - Panel Q&A: John Delmare, Theo Smith, Tom Kelly