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Teresa Delmare
April 18, 2015 | Teresa Delmare

Labels: what do they mean?

Hello Everyone!

As our 2014 vintage really come to fruition (check out our cellar tour to get the skinny!) we begin preparing for  the 2015 vintage. And with every new vintage, we experienced many changes here at the winery.Something 

that you might have notice in the past years are our labels--we tend to have many of them and a question that I get asked fairly often is 'What's the deal with the labels?'

Ironically, the labels are meant to be explanitory rather then confusing. Because our winery, on any given year, produces around 18 different wines and approximately 8 of those wines are are 

house wines, we produce many specialty and club only wines. These different wines can be the same year, and have the same grapes as the house wines but made in a completely different 

style. Over the years we have played around with different labels to explain the differences in

 these wines. For example, our 

house Chardonnay, labelled with our house label  (the white one), can be a stainless steel aged wine, however, our 'small lot' Chard could be aged entirely in 

Oak. Both wines are a 100% Chardonnay and both are the 2013 vintage. Hence, the 'club only' wine will have the black label. 

Starting this month (April 2015) the new batches of black label will be released to the club and, as oppose to previous years, all wine-club only wines will be in the black label. You will see our black label ‘fizzy’ Rose (made in our ‘fizzy lizzy’ style) and a black label still Rosé. Wines in the black label we tend to only make a finite amount and will only be available for our club!

  So, for now on, the majority of our wines will be in our 'standard' black or white labels. Discloser! We do have some other labels floating around the winery for various reason: Take a look!


                       New World Red- This Label was made specifically for, and exclusively for the New world Red. A coast-to-coast family-to-family wine, we have set this apart wine apart primary for the designated vineyard. (our relative's vineyard in Lake county)  Wine Club only


Solera: A sun wine that has been put into big glass casks and placed on the roof to bake in the sun in the summer. Made in a very traditional Spanish Orzo style, this wine is so unique that it has its own unique label.



Next is our port-styled dessert wine with the imprint of St. Martin de Tours (patron St. of wine) sketched on the label. We thought it was appropriate :)








Until we see you next at the winery,






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