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Allan Delmare
November 3, 2014 | Allan Delmare

Meet Delectable: wine app

I want to introduce you to a wine app that I’ve been using (disclaimer: I think it's only available for iOS right now), and I’m convinced it’s the best wine app on the market today.

Meet Delectable: the only wine app that I remember to use.

With all the different wine software and apps out there, what’s in an app that matters to me?

  • It’s got to be easy to use. Because when are you most likely to use the app, if not when you have a bottle of wine in front of you? And when are you going to be least interested in fiddling with your phone? When that bottle gets opened and poured into your glass. So to that end, if the app takes me more than a few seconds to do whatever I want it to do …I’m over it – peace out, I’m moving on to the glass.
  • It’s got to be accurate. I don’t have the time or interest for typing every little detail about every wine I try – vintage, varietal, blend, producer, vineyard, ABV, fanciful name, etc… Please. How often am I even going to be looking back and referencing those details? But they’re all important, because that one time you actually do want to look back and see if you’ve had this wine or that, but you can’t find the vintage date in your “tasting log”… sayonara.  
  • It’s got to have an actual benefit. Really, ask yourself this: as cool as it might be to use an app for recording your wines…at the end of the day, what’s the point?  

So what does Delectable offer?

A cool feature that makes it easy to use: just take a picture. That’s it. Sure, you can add comments, give the wine a rating, and specify 

details. But why? Once you take a picture of the label, Delectable pays someone else to do most of that for you.

That’s right: it accurate! It will tell you what it THINKS the wine is, but then a real live human will look at the photo of the label and verify + update the wine in your “log” once they’ve confirmed the details.

And as far as the point of the app? Probably something different for everyone…for me, I want to keep myself honest with how our wines stack up to the rest of the world. So I like to keep track of what I’ve tasted, what I’ve been exposed to, what I really like, and realistically, how Rappahannock compares. Why? Because there’s always something to be learned from someone else, and keeping up with “the best” will keep us ahead of “the rest.”

Now…go out there are taste your Delectable bottles of Rappahannock, rate ‘em, and share your thoughts in the comment section below – I'd love to hear why you use wine apps, which ones you prefer, and what you find most helpful in each.


Till next month, Cheers!



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