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Teresa Delmare
December 24, 2015 | Around the Winery | Teresa Delmare

Soup Event Recap!

Hello, hello!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!

Plunging headfirst into the New Year, we here at Rap Cellars use the soup events to explore the play book for 2016. Not only do we take a look at the highlights of the current year, but we also announce the goals of the upcoming year. If you were unable to make it to the soup event, don’t worry! Here were some of the highlights:

2015 was a fantastic year; harvest was beautiful, producing possibly the best white wine vintage ever seen in Virginia, and business is good—great in fact! One of the big announcements for the upcoming year is that our wine club is full. That’s right! We are quickly reaching the point of full capacity, and we will soon begin a waitlist for the wine club.

The reason for implementing the ‘cap’ is to ensure that we never run out of space for our existing wine club members in the club room. Frighteningly, there have been a few times this past year that we became very low on seating in our facility. We have around 2 months’ worth of signups before our club is officially ‘full,’ and after that there will be a very finite signup list in 2016; we will continue to fill the spaces of members who leave the club with people on the waitlist

2016 has us really excited; with the club being full we can focus 100% of our attentions on quality versus quantity, and the upcoming 2016 projects!

Also on the Horizons for 2016:

Distillery? I think YES! check with Allan next month for the details!

Valentines Dinner- this event (new and improved!) contains twice the fun and romance with intimate candle-lit winemaker's dinner and harp playing gently in the backround.

Meet the Makers Event-  Oysters and Wine? charcuterie, cheese and wine? the 'meet the makers' series continues into 2016 with these two events!


Rodneycox's Gravatar
@ Dec 25, 2015 at 7:31 AM
The largest amount of white vintage is produced in the past year by this company in the Virginia. They did an excellent job with maintaing the quality of the products and keep satisfied their customers by the good services and products. I hope in this year 2016, they keep their consistency with their great products.

Judy Foster's Gravatar
Judy Foster
@ Dec 28, 2015 at 6:57 PM
What time is the Valentine's Dinner?

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